Who is Toyota Times Editor-in-Chief Teruyuki Kagawa?

FROM THE EDITOR 2020.03.31


Who is Toyota Times Editor-in-Chief Teruyuki Kagawa?

Teruyuki Kagawa is a well-known, highly talented actor in Japan, whose presence makes him indispensable in Japanese movies and television dramas. He has been in countless titles and continues to do performances and appearances. Additionally, known for his deep knowledge of the sport of boxing and of insects, Kagawa's appeal and popularity is not limited by age or gender.

From January 2019, Kagawa was appointed as editor-in-chief of Toyota Times. In this role, he aims to reveal the "real Toyota" as it transforms into a Mobility Company, through his unprecedented access to Toyota's front lines where he learns about Toyota's activities, then explains to his readers and viewers in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

In fact, in just his first year, Editor-in-Chief, Kagawa attended many key Toyota events and activities, including attending the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and CES in Las Vegas, participating in test drives at the Nürburgring and Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama, and visiting the Higash-Fuji Technical Center and Silicon Valley, among others. Despite his busy schedule that included having to ride in a car at speeds topping 200 km/h on the racetrack, riding as a passenger in an automated driving vehicle on the expressway around Tokyo, or doing overseas reporting at trade shows like NAIAS in Detroit at the start of the year, Kagawa was on the job, ready to find the next story to tell about Toyota.

Kagawa is not using a commercial-like script, but rather is more similar to a journalist as he uses a documentary style of reporting that includes on-the-scene spots where he asks questions to one interviewee and then builds on that knowledge with the next interview, shares things that he has found interesting and his own feelings and opinions along the way.

Sometimes even be critical, Kagawa does his best to remain neutral as he reports from a variety of different angles on both Toyota and its president, Akio Toyoda.


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