In-depth coverage and thoughts from Toyota Times Editor-in-Chief Teruyuki Kagawa as he learns what Toyota and Toyoda are up to.

Current Term Forecast Shows President Akio Toyoda's Resolve -- Kagawa Holds Remote Interview Following Financial Results

Toyota forecasts a profit despite anticipated fall-out from COVID-19. Kagawa interviews Akio after year-end financial results briefing to hear his true feelings.

2020.05.23 More

Updated with deleted scenes! Leaders of eight regions reveal thoughts on Akio's recent messages (extended version)

Editor-in-Chief of Toyota Times, Teruyuki Kagawa, interviewed the leaders of eight Toyota regions around the world on current situation. Now he is releasing five extended edition videos of each interview with previously deleted scenes

2020.05.02 More

Leaders reveal thoughts on Akio's recent messages

Kagawa chats with Toyota's overseas leaders to hear their impressions and feelings towards the latest messages from Akio.

2020.04.19 More

What we can do now for the future - An urgent online interview with President Akio Toyoda

What can the automobile industry do during this unprecedented crisis? Toyota Times' Teruyuki Kagawa holds an urgent online interview with President Akio Toyoda immediately following JAMA's press conference.

2020.04.16 More

Who is Toyota Times Editor-in-Chief Teruyuki Kagawa?

Meet Teruyuki Kagawa, editor-in-chief of Toyota Times. From January 2019, Kagawa has been on a mission to reveal the "real Toyota" as it transforms into a Mobility Company,

2020.03.31 More

I Want to See Woven City When It Turns 20!

From an automotive to mobility company: Kagawa dishes on the Toyota Woven City announcement

2020.02.14 More

Let's Create the Future Together (Full text of the CES 2020 interview with President Toyoda)

What was the thinking behind Toyota's "Woven City?" Editor-in-Chief Kagawa goes behind the scenes with Akio Toyota (full version)

2020.02.07 More

Why will Toyota build a city? Close-up Interview with President Toyoda at CES 2020

Toyota will make a city?!? Follow Editor-in-Chief Kagawa as he finds out why Toyota used CES 2020 to announce "Woven City".

2020.01.30 More

What Toyota Can Do for the Sake of the Future--President Toyoda & Editor-in-Chief Kagawa

Akio Toyoda takes Editor-in-Chief Kagawa for a spin, where they discuss many topics and Kagawa shares his impressions from the drive.

2020.01.01 More

Covering Toyota During Milestone Year 2020

Editor-in-Chief Kagawa reflects on his first year and what he'd like to focus on during this milestone year of 2020.

2020.01.01 More

What Everyone Thinks about Automated Driving (Part Two)

Editor-in-Chief shares his thoughts after traveling to three different places to experience automated driving. He shares his thoughts about Toyota and automated driving.

2019.11.19 More

Kagawa Takes Automated Driving Vehicle Ride on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway (Part One)

Interview with TRI-AD on the commercialization of automated driving. Kagawa takes a ride on a Japanese expressway to learn more.

2019.11.18 More

Automated Driving--It May Happen! (Higashi-Fuji Technical Center, Part Two)

Taking a test ride in an automated driving vehicle on a winding course, Kagawa is impressed. But not as impressed as what we saw for the future.

2019.09.07 More

There's Good and Bad Driving in Automated Driving!? (Higashi-Fuji Technical Center, Part 1)

Kagawa travels to Higashi-Fuji Technical Center to learn about the good and the bad of automated driving, and how TRI is different.

2019.09.06 More

From the Editor: Special Report on TRI, Silicon Valley

Kagawa's 'Go and See' report on TRI in Silicon Valley to better understand the company and the types of leading-edge research it is conducting in robotics and automated driving.

2019.07.25 More

Kagawa visits the Nürburgring (Part Two)

Kagawa goes to Nurburgring in Germany to discover why Toyota races in motorsports (Part Two)

2019.04.24 More

Kagawa Visits the Nürburgring (Part One)

Find out why Toyota must be in motorsports and racing as Editor-in-Chief travels to Nurburgring in Germany for an interview (First Part)

2019.04.19 More

Thoughts on Toyota Times

Editor-in-Chief shares his candid thoughts including his impression of Akio Toyoda and why he accepted the offer to be Editor-in-Chief of Toyota Times.

2019.01.01 More