"Welcome to the Carmaker Toyota!" President Sato's Message to New Employees


This year, 1,892 recruits participated in Toyota's entrance ceremony, where President Sato shared "the most important thing" for new employees.

Under bright skies on April 1, Toyota Motor Corporation held its annual entrance ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

The event was attended by 1,464 new graduates, with 428 mid-career hires joining in remotely.

President Koji Sato hoped to give incoming employees “a keen appreciation for the fact that you have joined a company of carmakers,” with a display featuring the Mirai, a hydrogen-powered truck, and some of Chairman Akio Toyoda’s beloved cars.

He told these future carmakers to develop a love for cars, discover the joy of carmaking, put in their best effort—and continue to honor their dreams.

Company life begins with cars

President Sato

Good morning! I’m President Koji Sato. To all our new employees, welcome to the carmaker Toyota!

Thank you very much for choosing Toyota. We are truly delighted to have you join the company.

On your way in here today, you will have seen many different cars on display.

Everything from our first passenger car, the Toyoda Model AA, to a hydrogen-powered truck.

There were also three beloved rides belonging to Chairman Akio Toyoda: a Century, a GR Yaris, and an 86GRMN. In true Akio fashion, you were greeted by the cars that have sparked his passion as master driver Morizo.

Today is a special day for all of you, as you begin a new chapter in your lives. I hope this day will give you a keen appreciation for the fact that you have joined a company of carmakers.

With this in mind, our colleagues from various companies and plants were here to greet you with their cars, along with messages from the plant managers and presidents.

Please take some time later on to view them all and take some photos with your favorite vehicles.

I hope you will remember how your life at Toyota started from this encounter with cars.

From today, you are all a part of Toyota. I am sure you are all familiar with the recently announced Toyota Group vision.

“Inventing our path forward, together.” The word “inventing” traces back to the company’s origins, while “path forward” looks to the future. Together, let’s consider their meaning within our daily work.