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Grilling Pizza, Steaming Rice, and even Soaking Feet? A Cavalcade of Hydrogen Technology Uses


Working to make hydrogen a household energy source. This episode profiles diverse initiatives at the Fuji Speedway and in Australia.

This May, the Super Taikyu Fuji 24 Hours was held at the Fuji Speedway.

Toyota Times News has profiled the efforts to develop the liquid hydrogen-powered Corolla, and followed comedian Ryo Tamura as he experienced his first Super Taikyu

This race has honed both cars and people who work to make ever-better cars. In fact, there was another event held onsite where hydrogen was showcased as a way to make food and provide health and beauty for attendees. Check out the food truck, a stone oven, and even the foot bath that was installed for the event.

At catering area for the drivers, a hydrogen grill was being used to make grilled eel. Morizo made time in his busy schedule to have a taste. Well? How was it?

“By taking action, we empathize and broaden our circle. And the future outlook will change.” As Morizo once said this, the keyword “hydrogen” is bringing a range of companies together to collaborate and bring smiles to people at events.

Uses of hydrogen are spreading overseas, too. In the second half of the program, the setting changes to Australia, with a visit to a company that is working to make hydrogen available for household use, and to the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) Hydrogen Center.

TMCA stands in what was a production plant that was closed after 44 years of Toyota history. Carrying on the carmaking legacy, it was reborn as a place to think about future energy, including a unique cafeteria where employees can “taste history”? For more details, see the World Toyota News section of the video.

This episode of Toyota Times News is all about the possibilities of hydrogen. Don’t miss it!