Car Lovers Thrilled to Hear Joint Declaration - Three Automakers and Their Next-Gen Engines


It's new era for the internal combustion engine. With horizontally-opposed and rotary engines, each company's best-known engine will be updated for the decarbonization era. This report deep dives into the unusual joint declaration that had car lovers cheering.

There have been whispers that the engine will disappear in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, but now the future is once again looking bright.

In this week’s Toyota Times News, we take a look at the Multipathway Workshop* where the leaders of Subaru, Mazda, and Toyota made an unusual joint declaration.

*Multipathway: A way of thinking that aims to achieve practical and sustainable movement towards carbon neutrality through not only battery EVs but a variety of technological options, including engines.

Toyota President Koji Sato has said, “Engines also represent a necessary multi-pathway technology.” With those words, he declared his decision to develop next-generation engines for the era of electrification.

Subaru has the horizontally-opposed engine, Mazda has the rotary, and Toyota has the in-line 4-cylinder engine. Each company has fostered its own unique technology over many years, and electrification is an opportunity to overcome shortcomings and maximize strengths.

In the racing world, these three companies went on competing and collaborating to develop powertrains and fuels that contribute to carbon neutrality, even from the time blowback against was stronger than it is now.

This joint declaration was made after a certain message Morizo, a.k.a. Chairman Akio Toyoda, made at the start of this year.

Also, we can’t forget one thing that car fans love about engines, and that is the sound. The video offers opportunities to explore the tones of the three companies’ engines. Come get immersed in these exciting engine sounds.

In the second half of the program, we take a quick peek at Toyota’s next-generation engine under development. Yuta Tomikawa goes for a ride in the prototype car and seems to return to his boyhood when he exclaims, “I want to ride it more!”

Toyota advocates for a multi-pathway approach, which of course includes a serious effort to popularize BEVs. Just recently, Lexus charging stations were made available to all BEV users. Watch on to learn about a “sweet” deal that supports a comfortable BEV lifestyle.

Subaru, Mazda, and Toyota are unified in an earnest pledge to leave not a single car lover behind. Take a look at this video to renew your hope in the future of the three companies’ engines.

00:00 Opening
00:40 Three companies speak on the future of engines
06:18 Morizo’s words behind the joint declaration
08:20 Next-gen engines that let each company’s character shine
13:20 The sound car lovers can’t resist
15:21 Deep dive into Toyota’s new in-line 4-cylinder engine
21:09 Yuta Tomikawa gets an early ride in an under-development car
25:03 Serious about BEVs! Installing more Lexus rapid charging stations