What Are Guilt-Free Morizo Donuts?


"I want to eat donuts without guilt!" Morizo placed the order, and the result was something good for people and the environment. Everyone is welcome to see it with their own eyes.

When I was at Babson, I found joy in donuts. American donuts were a joyful, astonishing discovery.

I want to encourage all of you to find your own donut.

This is an excerpt from the speech Morizo, also known as Chairman Akio Toyoda, gave at the Babson College commencement ceremony in 2019. *

*Chairman Toyoda graduated from Babson in 1982.

As he states in the speech, Morizo is a donut-lover. This episode of Toyota Times News is a special feature on those donuts.

In March 2024, Yuta Tomikawa visited the Suzuka Circuit, where he found a food truck that uses hydrogen to produce the electricity it needs for cooking. Toyota Times News has previously showcased a food truck active in Fukushima, but this one is different. It’s covered in cute illustrations.

That’s where they make Morizo Donuts.

Morizo wants to eat his favorite food, but he’s concerned about his health. So, he wants donuts that are guilt-free. This product is a response to his request.

How does Morizo like the donuts? And how does he respond to the chef’s requests to him?

Beyond this challenge with hydrogen and food, a future that satisfies both the stomach and spirit awaits. This fourteen-minute video will make you feel the possibilities. Watch to the end!