Idemitsu & Toyota Team Up to Create Global Standard for All-Solid-State Batteries


All-solid-state batteries have been touted as the future of batteries and a game-changer for BEVs. Two companies have joined forces to make the Japanese industry more globally competitive.

Establishing a joint task force

At the press conference, President Sato outlined the following to-do list for commercialization by 2027-28 and subsequent mass production: address the quality and cost aspects of solid electrolytes, verify mass production using Idemitsu's pilot facility, and establish a stable raw material procurement scheme.

To tackle these tasks, the two companies plan to establish a task force consisting of several dozen members with technical, procurement, logistics, and production technology backgrounds.

In addition, a large-scale pilot plant for solid electrolytes will start operating in fiscal 2027. This facility will open with an annual production capacity of several hundred tonnes and begin sending products out into the market.

In the mass production phase anticipated for 2030 and beyond, the companies are looking to boost capacity to several thousand tonnes (several tens of thousands of vehicles) in line with Toyota's product plans.

Japanese innovation through the “power of realization”

“Toyota believes that the key to changing the future of cars is the collaboration between the automotive and energy industries,” President Sato remarked at the press conference.

His sentiments were echoed by President Kito: “Changing the future of cars also means changing the future of energy. Changing the future of energy and mobility can greatly contribute to protecting the global environment and building a sustainable society.”

Several other moments during the event revealed the affinity between the two companies, along with their shared vision and values.

“Idemitsu, with its corporate vision of Shaping Change, positions the power of realization at the center of its corporate management. Toyota, as well, is committed above all else to embodying its vision in its vehicles as it transforms into a mobility company. I believe that our two companies working together will multiply many times over our power of realization,” said President Sato.

Two companies driven by transformative visions are teaming up to realize Japanese innovations. Their cross-industry challenge is just getting started.