Toyota Reveals the Future of Cars with Next-Generation Battery and Hydrogen Technologies


Batteries with a 1,000 km cruising range and FC systems that combine fuel efficiency with longevity and lower costs were among the next-generation technologies unveiled by Toyota for future release.

Next-gen. technologies unveiled

On June 8, Toyota held its Technical Workshop, an opportunity for the media to discover and try out the latest technologies driven by the new leadership’s focus on electrification, intelligence, and diversification.

The main draw was Toyota’s next-generation electrification technologies. President Takero Kato of the newly established BEV Factory and Mitsumasa Yamagata, soon-to-be president of the Hydrogen Factory set to launch in July, spoke about the upcoming products and business outlook of these new units, providing a peek at more than 20 next-generation items.

This event was the brainchild of Executive Vice President Hiroki Nakajima, who emphasized the workshop’s theme—Let's Change the Future of Cars— and expressed his vision as Chief Technology Officer.

“Toyota has overcome what were thought to be difficult challenges with its technological capabilities, including the Prius, now synonymous with hybrid vehicles, and the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, paving the way for the future. Using the power of technology to transport our customers into the future and connect cars to society, we will continue to create our future society.”

This Toyota Times series will feature some of the diverse technologies presented at the workshop. First, a roundup of the innovations in BEVs and hydrogen.