[In the words of Akio] #14: "Easier and More Enjoyable"


A desire to make things easier for others and find enjoyment--speaking to a young audience, Akio Toyoda shares the connection he finds between these two elements.

“The purpose of the Toyota Production System (TPS) is to make someone else’s job easier,” explains Akio Toyoda.

TPS is known for its two pillars of automation with a human touch and Just-In-Time delivery and is often seen as a way to improve efficiency. At its root, however, lies the philosophy of Akio’s great-grandfather Sakichi Toyoda, founder of the Toyota Group and renowned inventor of the automatic loom, of working for the benefit of someone other than yourself.

On October 30, 2022, the anniversary of Sakichi’s death was marked with a ceremony honoring his achievements in his birthplace in Kosai, Shizuoka. Speaking at the event, Akio noted that Sakichi’s invention was driven by a desire to make work easier for his mother. Akio then addressed the Sakichi Toyoda Memorial Scholarship recipients and elementary to junior high school students of the Kosai Young Inventors Club who were present.

“Making things easier is also about making them more enjoyable. Enjoyment in work spurs kaizen (improvements), making it easier and even more enjoyable.”

The result is greater productivity. As Akio tells, the philosophy of working for the benefit of someone else brings ease and enjoyment, transforming reality, and creating the future.

Akio also drew on his own activities, saying, “We have the same mindset in pursuing the development of hydrogen-powered engines, which began with the sole aim of increasing carbon-neutral options. We’ve made improvements at unprecedented speed by working earnestly and enjoying ourselves in motorsports. Seeing what we’re doing, many like-minded partners from various industries have also come on board.”

The future is shaped by the desire to make things easier for others and find enjoyment. “I hope you will enjoy yourselves while continuing to take on new challenges.” These words from Akio for his young audience embody his convictions.