Taking TPS to the Farm--Strawberries and Tomatoes Make Happier Communities


Why is a carmaker like Toyota turning to strawberry and tomato farming? It's not about profits, but contributing to communities through technology.

Can the heat and CO2 emitted by production plants be put to good use?

This question spurred Toyota to begin cultivating tomatoes and strawberries. The company’s carbon-neutral agriculture is filling production plants with vibrant red fruit.

To boost the productivity of growing facilities, the carmaker employed TPS and efficiency improvements that eliminate waste. The resulting innovations may also prove useful to local farmers.

We showcase Toyota’s unique take on agriculture, which began with carbon neutrality and led to stronger connections with local communities.

The tomato greenhouse at Toyota’s Myochi Plant makes use of the facility’s exhaust heat.

The Kamigo Plant grows strawberries, including valuable varieties by working hand in hand with professional farmers. How did the project manage to improve productivity by half ?

Although they aren’t sold to the general public, Toyota’s tomatoes are delivered to elderly residents as part of bento boxes prepared by volunteers in Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture. Driven by the desire to help others, rather than the pursuit of profit, these efforts spread smiles throughout the community.

As previously highlighted in our Beyond Mobility series, the Toyota Production System is already contributing to more efficient rice cultivation. That story can be found in the links section, alongside our feature on the tomato and strawberry-growing genba.

Producing happiness for all begins in the community. Find out how Toyota’s “best-in-town” approach translates to agriculture.

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