Cutting-Edge Gathering Reveals the Future of Mobility


Batteries, hydrogen, even wheelchairs--all the latest technologies under development were on show at the Technical Workshop. Did Toyota reveal all its cards at once?

The Toyota Technical Workshop held in June offered the media and the wider world, a chance to see the latest technologies under one roof.

“Some 90% of the technology we’ve kept under wraps is here,” explained Executive Vice President Hiroki Nakajima at the outset. As Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer, he had set the event in motion.

Alongside the under-development BEVs and next-generation batteries on display, Toyota’s hard-working engineers spoke about their respective fields.

This week’s episode of Toyota Times News showcases some of those technologies, offering a glimpse into the future of mobility.

A feast of cutting-edge technologies

This BEV feels just like driving a manual car, complete with a gear stick and clutch pedal. The video even captures the roar of the engine. Such attention to detail comes from Toyota’s many years of carmaking and a commitment to ensuring that no car-lovers are left behind.

Pursuing its vision of “Mobility for All,” Toyota is applying the expertise and reliability cultivated through carmaking to a wide range of situations.

Powered by a motor borrowed from cars, the JUU electric wheelchair is able to negotiate 16 cm steps without assistance.

All-solid-state batteries are touted as a game changer in the EV market. Toyota is speeding up development with a view to releasing solid-state battery EVs in 2027-2028.

The program is packed with an array of other exciting items and engineer comments—don’t miss a minute!

01:03 CTO/Vice President Nakajima’s goals
02:57 New tech ①: Is that engine about to hit the market?
05:50 New tech ② A BEV that feels like an LFA
08:24 New tech ③ Manual transmission in a BEV?
11:50 New tech ④ Watch this space! Next-generation automatic parking
15:56 New tech ⑤ A stair-climbing wheelchair?
19:09 New tech ⑥ Speech recognition technology has come a long way
22:26 New tech ⑦ The heart of Toyota’s EV technologies! Roundup of next-generation batteries
25:57 New tech ⑧ Building a world-first tank—the latest hydrogen technology
28:37 New tech ⑨ From the ground up… Toyota’s giga casting
32:43 Speaking with the new BEV and Hydrogen Factory presidents