Alphard and Vellfire--Friendly Rivalry Drives Evolution


Exploring the unique charms of the redesigned Alphard and Vellfire, which look set to remain fierce rivals.

In June, Toyota unveiled the new Alphard and Vellfire.

Their chief engineer regards these latest models as the greatest ever. Treated as rivals, each car was imbued with a strikingly different character in the development process.

One a pleasure to ride, the other a joy to drive—we break down the distinctive Alphard and Vellfire.

The joy of comfortable mobility

Tomikawa experiences the pleasure of riding in a new Alphard, with a relaxing and invigorating interior design.

Meanwhile, the new Vellfire is all about the joy of driving. Beginning with the compact steering wheel, every aspect of the experience has been fine-tuned.

Simon Humphries, Toyota’s Chief Branding Officer and Senior General Manager of Design, joins Tomikawa in the studio to share his design vision, which extends far beyond the Alphard and Vellfire.

Humphries has overseen the design of numerous models, including the new Land Cruiser that premiered on August 2. Which flagship Toyota model will he transform next?

For our “Staff Eateries Around the World” segment, we head to South Africa, where Tomikawa gets excited about a one-of-a-kind curry.

00:18 Welcome! The new Alphard and Vellfire
03:26 Chief engineer shares his creations
08:34 An interior brimming with hospitality
12:40 The new Alphard refines ride comfort
15:37 Nothing drives like the new Vellfire
20:10 CBO Simon Humphries in the studio
24:12 The future of design, and that car...
28:39 [Staff Eateries Around the World] South Africa