Car Trends in China--Toyota's Unique Approach to Autonomous Driving


As China races ahead in car electrification and automation, Toyota is teaming up with local startups. A report on the latest car trends.

With some 200 carmakers jostling for position, China is currently the world’s largest automobile market.

From the boom in BEVs by up-and-coming manufacturers to the unmanned autonomous taxis on public roads, cars are undergoing a remarkable evolution.

Toyota is also working with a Chinese startup to develop “a carmaker’s autonomous driving.” Yuta Tomikawa experienced the quality for himself.

All eyes on Chinese carmaking

Enjoying a comfortable ride with no hands on the wheel. Toyota’s signature commitment to driving feel extends to autonomous vehicles.

Tatsuro Ueda, Toyota’s chief executive officer in charge of the China region, also appears on the program to share his impressions of local IT technology developments and the momentum of BEVs.

Alongside autonomous driving in China, the show also features Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, which drew entries from children around the world. Their pictures vividly depict a wide range of visionary vehicles, closely integrated into our daily lives and filled with hope for the future.

Technological advances count for little if cars don’t connect with the human passengers on board. See how Toyota’s carmaking ensures that people are not left behind.

00:20 A stunning Auto Shanghai
02:15 Getting a feel for the latest in autonomous driving
06:12 A carmaker’s vision for autonomous driving
08:57 Head of China region explains the connection to “zero COVID”
14:13 How will Toyota approach carmaking in China
17:30 But wait! China is not going all in on BEVs
19:55  [World Toyota News] Dream Car Art Contest