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High-Flying Drones Carry the Future of Logistics


On Nagasaki's Goto Islands, a Toyota Tsusho subsidiary is using drones to create the future of logistics.

Medical supplies are falling from the skies.

On some Japanese islands, such sights could become part of daily life.

For this week’s program, Toyota Times News traveled to the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture. In this outlying archipelago, the lives of inhabitants are sustained by goods brought from the mainland by boat. These shipments, however, are subject to the vagaries of the weather.

To free these remote islands from their isolation, Toyota Tsusho (Toyota Group) subsidiary Sora-iina is undertaking a new logistics venture.

Soaring into the future of logistics!

Our camera captures the drone at the moment of launch. Make sure to check out the 100 km/h takeoff.

We interviewed islanders who use the drone food delivery service. They expressed high hopes and also shed light on the challenges.

Photo: Tomoki Takanashi(Skyjob)

Drones deliver essential items to the places where they are needed, but Sora-iina’s vision for the future of logistics faces many hurdles, from cost to carrying capacity. Can these be overcome through kaizen?

Watch to discover the hidden potential of drones.

For World Toyota News, our Thai correspondents report on the staff canteen. In the coming weeks, Toyota Times News will feature other unique company cafeterias in countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

00:35 Visiting Nagasaki Prefecture’s remote Goto Islands
03:31 Sora-iina’s drone delivery service
10:46 Islanders’ hopes for drones
16:00 Challenges come to light
23:08 Sora-iina’s president shares her vision
31:34 [World Toyota News] Staff canteen in Thailand