The Value of Toyota Quality Amid Argentina's Economic Crisis


In the midst of Argentina's economic crisis, the Hilux is enjoying strong sales. How does Toyota's commitment to quality help sustain livelihoods?

Argentina is experiencing an economic crisis.

The country’s ninth default triggered a downturn in the national currency, the peso. To protect their wealth, people are converting money into foreign currencies and investing in goods that retain their value.

As Argentinians turn away from the peso, the Hilux is growing in popularity. Why are people opting for Toyotas? Yuta Tomikawa visited the country to find out.

In the second half, the program also showcases Argentina’s unique carbon neutrality efforts—a decarbonization journey backed by bountiful resources.

Protecting livelihoods and the environment

A familiar sight on farms and mine sites, the Hilux is also widely picked as a family car. What explains this popularity?

Gustavo Salinas, President of Toyota Argentina, appears on the show to speak about the company’s vision for decarbonization in partnership with the national government. Check out Argentina’s own multi-pathway approach, leveraging the country’s rich renewable energy sources.

Can carbon neutrality create jobs? We introduce a joint project between Toyota Argentina and an NGO that assists the unemployed.

Our “Staff Eateries Around the World” segment also comes from Argentina, where curry connoisseur Tomikawa samples the local flavors.

00:34 The economic crisis in World Cup-winning Argentina
05:20 Toyota’s Hilux, the car of choice
09:14 Even pre-owned, Toyota offers unwavering quality
13:04 From Toyota plants to the world
19:03 Creating jobs through carbon neutrality
23:42 [Staff Eateries Around the World] Toyota Argentina