"Inventing Our Path Forward, Together"--Chairman Toyoda Presents His Vision for Toyota


"Inventing our path forward, together." Taking responsibility for the Toyota Group, Chairman Akio Toyoda shared his vision with company leaders. We delve into the intention behind these words.

Creating mutual gratitude and being needed in the future

Chairman Toyoda

Although the history of our companies and the products we make are different, I believe that all of us here share the same love and passion for monozukuri [making things] and the same desire to make the world’s children happy.

The Toyota Group’s essence is about valuing the origins and characters of each company and engaging earnestly and honestly with monozukuri.

That is, loving humanity and serving society.

With this in mind, I have formulated a vision to which all of us at the Toyota Group can return.

Even as times change, the spirit of invention—a desire to create something better—has been passed down to us through the generations.

I believe these are our true roots.

We should all embrace the spirit of invention within us, think of others, hone our skills, and continue to make the right things.

By doing so, we will build a culture of mutual gratitude and ensure the Toyota Group is needed in the future.

I have put together a list of attitudes to guide our way.

We create the path

The world we live in is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation.

A time when there is no right answer.

Instead of seeking instant recognition, wouldn’t it be great to receive a “thank you” from those who will live in the future and those who paved the path that brought us here?

In this age of constant division, conflict, discord, and vilification, wouldn’t you like to show how adults can live for the sake of children, for someone other than ourselves, and for the future?

A path was left for us by those who came before. But as yet, no path lies ahead.

It is up to us to create it.

Inventing our path forward, together

With mobility as our core business, we will bring smiles to people around the world.

We will build a future in which the children of tomorrow can dream more freely and more richly.

To everyone at the Toyota Group: let’s invent our path forward, together.