Carmaking as Community Development--New Mobility to Replace Trains


In 2017, downpours in northern Kyushu severely affected Fukuoka and Oita prefectures. A damaged railway line linking the two prefectures has been reborn as a road for hydrogen buses.

The JR Hitahikosan “Hikoboshi” Line was crippled by the heavy rains that struck northern Kyushu in 2017. On August 28, it restarted as a BRT service.

Standing for Bus Rapid Transit, BRTs are fast, efficient bus-based transit systems with features that include dedicated roads for smoother journeys and multi-section articulated vehicles.

Among the various buses running the BRT Hikoboshi Line is Toyota’s fuel cell (FC) electric bus. Toyota Times spoke with local residents to find out how they feel about this new transport option that has replaced the train.

In the program’s second half, Chief Engineer Hirofumi Ota visits the studio to talk about a feasible carbon neutrality pathway for commercial vehicles that transport people and goods.

Carmaking is also about developing communities. Mobility helps to revitalize regions by addressing issues such as the inequality of transportation access, depopulation, and labor shortages. Watch to see the hydrogen BRT and another world-first mobility solution created with this vision.

In World Toyota News, Morizo Sensei visits an elementary school as part of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s special class on carbon neutrality. After sharing his message with the children, Morizo also took them for a “wild” spin in a hydrogen-engine car. Don’t miss a minute!