Fukushima and Toyota, Working Together Toward a Smiling Hydrogen Society


In Fukushima, efforts to integrate hydrogen into society continue to spread. Chairman Akio Toyoda speaks of a future built upon smiles and gratitude.

In this episode, Toyota Times News heads to Fukushima for an update on the prefecture’s joint efforts with Toyota, underway since 2021, to integrate hydrogen into society.

Having suffered through a nuclear accident, the people of Fukushima seek safer, more secure energy for everyday life.

Toyota hopes to fulfill this wish and make the community smile through ever better carmaking.

See how purposeful passion and action are helping a hydrogen society take shape.

Hydrogen brings smiles to the community

An FC school bus running on hydrogen helps children commute. The interior includes various features designed to make the trip more comfortable.

Hydrogen is gradually taking root in the lives of Fukushima residents. Governor Masao Uchibori met with Chairman Akio Toyoda to share the state of progress. The pair spoke of their commitment to achieving carbon neutrality for the benefit of the next generation.

Similar initiatives have also come to Tokyo, with hydrogen trucks hitting the road in the name of carbon-free logistics.

Working in tandem with local governments, Toyota is moving step by step toward a hydrogen society. Find out what’s happening at the forefront of these efforts.

00:30 Sustaining Fukushima lifestyles with hydrogen
03:57 A community-wide effort, yet challenges persist…
08:02 From cars to mobile energy sources
15:11 Fukushima governor and Akio look to the future
20:14 Disaster spurs search for safe, secure energy
24:25 The hydrogen society that lies beyond ever better carmaking
30:46 [World Toyota News] From Fukushima to Australia