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Partners in Creating the Future--Toyota and the Philippines mark 35-year ties


A look at Toyota's 35-year relationship with the Philippines, working together to create a better future beyond carmaking.

The man warmly shaking hands with Chairman Akio Toyoda is none other than Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

President Marcos visited the Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) plant as the company celebrated its 35th anniversary. He was greeted there by Akio, who shared his desire to help the country prosper through carbon neutrality.

“I wouldn’t even care if Toyota’s share of the market here decreased.”

Akio expressed his commitment and his vision for the future. On the program, we trace the strong ties between the Philippines and Toyota.

Teaming up for a better future

Chairman Toyoda with President Marcos (center) during his tour of the TMP plant. Together, they renewed the focus on a unique carbon-neutral path for the Philippines, ensuring that no one is left behind.

A house bearing the Toyota logo? The company’s contribution goes beyond mobility to future-focused urban development.

To close out the show, we feature a special motorsports event in the Philippines. Don’t miss Morizo’s masterful driving performance!

Akio wants to contribute to the Philippines through more than just cars.

Watch to see the Chairman share his feelings about the country.

00:20 A visit to Toyota Motor Philippines!
01:24 President Marcos and the vision for decarbonizing the Philippines
04:52 The President and Chairman’s shared commitment
08:10 Tracing the beginnings of a 35-year bond
10:53 What we can do for this country—Chairman Toyoda’s thoughts
12:39 Close ties signal a bright future for Toyota and the Philippines
15:40 More than mobility—contributing through urban development
21:40 Morizo’s masterful driving whips up the crowd