Mobility in Harmony with Nature--The Lexus Outdoor Experience


Lexus offers unique, premium experiences tailored to outdoor lifestyles. The company's latest project is about coexisting with nature.

In June, Lexus unveiled the latest model in its GX series of full-size SUVs.

Described by its chief engineer as “a true off-roader,” the new GX was born out of a project focused on coexistence with nature.

Do you fancy driving a hydrogen buggy and cooking a meal in the great outdoors? The Lexus Overtrail Project offers such premium outdoor experiences powered by mobility.

Mobility for protecting and playing in nature

Lexus has unveiled its latest GX, a genuine off-road SUV. Yuta Tomikawa had a chance to take the car for a drive ahead of its release.

Meanwhile, Akio took the ROV hydrogen buggy for a spin. After getting a taste of its off-road ability, he extolled the thrills that only mobility can offer.

This hydrogen grill functions as both an induction cooker and a gas stove—the ideal outdoor cooking companion. But how is food prepared with hydrogen? Akio enjoys a taste test.

Lexus International President Takashi Watanabe also visits the studio to discuss the company’s efforts to connect with nature and the potential of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Don’t miss the unique outdoor experiences created by Lexus’s tireless pursuit of quality.

00:36 World premiere! The new GX
05:50 Lexus Overtrail Project
07:37 Morizo behind the wheel of an ROV hydrogen buggy
11:01 Coexistence with nature, a global movement
15:45 Lexus International President Takashi Watanabe in the studio
20:22 Cooking with hydrogen? Akio’s taste test