Can Nature Heal Us? Toyota is Determined to Find Out


Does nature have the power to heal and rejuvenate people? Toyota's "non-car" research is trying to scientifically sort fact from fiction.

Natural “power” spots are said to heal people and fill them with energy, but do they really? Toyota is trying to find out.

This edition of Toyota Times News focuses on research delving into human vitality. How is this seemingly unrelated research contributing to Toyota’s carmaking?

We also trek the Kumano Kodo trail, a healing spot in Wakayama Prefecture. There, Yuta Tomikawa offers up his own body for an experiment with microorganisms!

See how this “non-car” research contributes to Toyota’s goal of producing happiness for all.

Nature offers clues to vitality

Unexpectedly, we encountered this natural space within Toyota’s production facilities. As employees go about their regular tasks surrounded by plants of all shapes and sizes, what practical research is being conducted in these rooms?

Tomikawa soaks up the forest air on the Kumano Kodo trail. Though he seems to be merely putting his feet up, this is actually part of an experiment looking at the changes that occur on our skin when humans relax in nature.

Nobuhiko Koga, president of Toyota’s research unit, the Frontier Research Center, visited Tomikawa in the studio to talk about nature’s mysterious power and its possibilities.

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01:07 Toyota unlocks the power of nature
05:53 Forests in factories?! The hidden power of microorganisms
10:02 Yuta Tomikawa visits the Kumano Kodo healing spot
15:41 Results reveal stunning changes in Tomikawa’s body
18:56 Why is Toyota studying the power of nature?
24:32 Toyota, Beyond Mobility