A 10,000 km Hydrogen Journey Linking Thailand and Hokkaido


As Toyota partners with Thai conglomerate CP in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, commercial vehicles are set to play a leading role in shaping the future.

“Let’s do what we can right now.”

This was the key phrase during last December’s announcement of a collaboration between Toyota and the Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), Thailand’s largest private company. A few months on, Toyota Times News delivers the latest update on carbon neutrality in Thailand.

Kicking off with must-see scenes

A hydrogen-powered forklift loading hydrogen cylinders onto a hydrogen fuel truck.

With Toyota’s vision of a hydrogen society, this spectacle may become an everyday sight.

Despite its Thailand location, this shop floor may look very familiar to Japanese viewers...

And who could this be, wishing good luck for the long journey ahead?

Check out all these clips and more on this week’s Toyota Times News!

00:42 The reason for chasing carbon neutrality with commercial vehicles
02:57 “Let’s do what we can right now”
08:51 A 10,000-kilometer journey to generate hydrogen
13:21 Behind the wheel of an FCEV heavy-duty truck
15:18 A familiar face leading the project
19:40 Further possibilities for biogas
21:39 The chemistry between hydrogen and heavy-duty trucks
24:03 Japanese-made “future tuk-tuks”
25:39 Surprise announcement of a new challenge
27:39 [Staff Cafeterias Around the World] Diverse menus and cultures

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