Start of JAMA's New Leadership: Decisive action for complex challenges and top priorities


At the end of last year, the presidency of JAMA transitioned from Akio Toyoda to Masanori Katayama. This New Year's message highlights the united resolve to tackle challenges such as reconstruction from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and the logistics issues of 2024.

Solving problems with an all-Japan approach

Following former Chairman Toyoda’s heartfelt speech, Chairman Katayama took the microphone again. He demonstrated a commitment to solving challenges through an all-Japan approach involving both the public and private sectors.


Thank you for your powerful and heartfelt words.

I have indeed accepted the baton from former Chairman Toyoda.

Going forward, we will work hand in hand with various industries beyond the automotive sector. We are committed to solving a variety of challenges through an all-Japan approach that includes both public and private sectors, aiming to build a sustainable future for mobility. I humbly request your continued guidance and support.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone here a prosperous year ahead. This concludes my remarks. Thank you very much.