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Morizo's Beloved Cars, Brilliant Driving, Smiles of Car Lovers at Tokyo Auto Salon


Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 was held for three days from January 12 to 14. Once more, Yuta Tomikawa covered this year's custom car festival attended by around 230,000 car lovers.

“Tokyo Auto Salon is a festival where car lovers can surround themselves with cars and smiles.”

With these words, Morizo reached out to attendees during his New Year’s greetings on the first day of Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

No longer president of Toyota or chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Morizo participated as simply an “ordinary guy who loves cars.”

One highlight was the special stage set up at the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing booth to display six of Morizo’s beloved cars. In addition to his Century GRMN and GR Corolla, there were some cars not ordinarily seen at Toyota.

Find out what made attendees say, “Why?” and “This just feels weird.”

Four days before the first day of Tokyo Auto Salon, Morizo was found at a famous place where car lovers gather. The car owners were delighted to meet this surprise guest. The site was like a pre-event party for the Auto Salon.

In the second half of the video, see the rally car demonstrations held once again this year. Everyone had their cameras trained on the breathtaking drifting show put on by Morizo and the father-and-son duo of Norihiko and Takamoto Katsuta.

This report delivers three days full of smiles.