Are All BEVs Cut from the Same Cloth?


Lexus's flagship MPV model, the LM, made its world premiere in Shanghai. The accompanying speeches touched on the essence of Lexus.

The LM worldview

Returning to the stage, EVP Li of TMCI spoke about the new LM, the model’s second generation in China.


Four years ago, the original LM also made its stunning debut right here at Auto Shanghai. Today, Shanghai once again hosts the world premiere of our next-generation LM.

This is certainly no coincidence.

As President Watanabe mentioned, this Lexus model has been created specifically to meet the luxury MPV needs of high-end users.

Moving mindfully towards an ideal, with a spirit of uncompromising innovation—this is the mindset of the many original LM owners we spoke with.

We conveyed their wishes for the new generation LM to our development team, and the result is the car that stands before you today.

The LM’s uniquely dynamic, graceful form achieves a distinctive presence and elegance befitting Lexus’s flagship MPV, while the refined comfort of the cockpit space creates a tranquil environment amidst the bustle of the city.

The new LM500h is equipped with high-performance hybrid technology and Direct4, dramatically improving ride comfort.

Ideal for those wishing to enjoy a place of solitary relaxation, a private space for unreserved business discussions, or leisurely moments with family and friends.

Among many other roles, the LM can function as a mobile study, office space, or living room.

These painstakingly perfected products embody the dedication and craftsmanship of Lexus’s design and engineering teams. They also manage to achieve many seemingly conflicting and unfeasible ideas.

I can’t proceed further without introducing another key individual: Mr. Takami Yokoo, the LM’s chief engineer. He has also joined us here for today’s event. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to CE Yokoo and his development team.

CE Takami Yokoo (left).

Lexus has assembled a diverse lineup of electrified models that includes BEVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

As Chairman Akio Toyoda has said, mobility is about moving people, meaning both physical movement and inspiring experiences. It is our cars that move, and our customers who are moved.

Meanwhile at Toyota’s press conference, President Koji Sato reiterated our commitment to being a “best-in-town” company.

In an age with no clear right answers, we will keep moving forward with our focus on delivering Lexus’s unique value and moving experiences to our customers.

From left: TMCI VP Chen, CE Yokoo, President Watanabe, and TMCI EVP Li.

With our commitment to the spirit of monozukuri and sincere service, our unwavering desire is to bring smiles to the customers who have joined Lexus on this journey.

The press conference was followed by a roundtable discussion where President Watanabe, CE Yokoo, and TMCI’s EVP Li and VP Chen shared their views with local media.

When asked about what the future holds for Lexus in China, where BEVs and smart innovations are spurring fierce competition, President Watanabe explained:

President Watanabe

When talking about a brand, I think it’s extremely important to possess a value, philosophy, and backstory that can only be experienced through that brand.

At all costs, we must avoid imitating the value that our competitors are putting out, the products they offer, simply rebranded with our own badge.

Whether BEVs, PHEVs, or gasoline-engine cars, all Lexus products must possess a shared value. I see this as the most crucial point.

I want the Lexus brand to connect with customers and enrich their lives.

I believe that being such a brand means going beyond merely our products, our cars, to offer customers value that they can only experience at Lexus.