Are All BEVs Cut from the Same Cloth?


Lexus's flagship MPV model, the LM, made its world premiere in Shanghai. The accompanying speeches touched on the essence of Lexus.

Enjoying richer lifestyles with cars

At the same time, while BEVs are in the process of spreading globally, we cannot afford to ease up our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

We must account for the regional differences in infrastructure, energy scenarios, and car usage around the world by offering diverse options for reducing environmental impact, including BEVs, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), hybrids (HEVs), and hydrogen.

At Lexus, we want to deliver these options with a focus on enriching the lifestyles that our customers enjoy with their beloved cars.

Take for example, the PHEV-based RX Outdoor Concept, which allows for full BEV use in everyday driving while also offering the peace of mind to embark on family adventures without worrying about battery charge. Or our ROV H2 Concept, which features an environmentally-friendly hydrogen engine without losing the thrilling sounds or the fun of driving. We want to nimbly provide a diverse product lineup that caters to the various lifestyle needs of our customers.

To help fulfill this ambition, in March 2024, Lexus will center its business operations in Shimoyama. This vast site is built around challenging test courses that recreate a wide range of roads from around the world. Our members involved in development, design, production engineering, and planning will come together under one roof to build, drive, and rebuild cars.

With the development agility of a motorsports pit, we will create a product lineup capable of swiftly meeting the diverse needs of our customers around the world.

One particular focus will be the development of products that bring smiles to our customers in China, which today has grown into the world’s largest market and a global leader in the shift to smarter, electrified vehicles.

Yesterday, while watching the traffic on the streets of Shanghai, I spotted many cars with creative designs, cutting-edge cockpits, and a full array of smart driving features.

In speaking with dealers, time and again, I was told that BEVs, PHEVs, and other new energy vehicles made up roughly half of car sales in Shanghai last year, and that alongside design, interiors, and ride comfort, “smart” and “electric” features have recently been the biggest selling points for customers.

As a pioneer in luxury cars, Lexus is responding precisely to these customer needs by speeding up the development of BEV and PHEV models.

With this new model, we sought to offer a luxurious time and space in which our customers can relax and restore their true selves amid the stresses of travel. We reassessed the car from its very foundations and made meticulous refinements.

Lexus’s dedication to creating a dialogue between vehicles and drivers ensures both peace of mind for passengers in the rear seats and a pleasant, reliable, worry-free driving experience for those behind the wheel.

In our new LM, we have created a quality driving experience unlike any MPV that has come before—a Luxury Mover that offers moments of true relaxation, sheltered from the busy world beyond. Here it is!