Mechanics, Weather Forecasters, and Chefs: 80 Specialists Taking on the WRC


Toyota Times showcases rally's exciting and fun aspects ahead of November's Rally Japan. Here, Yuta Tomikawa shines the spotlight on specialists beyond the drivers in Toyota's World Rally team.

As rally and motorsport fans will know, it takes much more than just drivers and co-drivers to compete in a race.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing had a team of some 80 members on location for the World Rally Championship in Belgium held this October. Apart from drivers and co-drivers, the team included important specialist staff like the weather forecaster who not only provides weather information but also analyzes certain aspects of driving, or the chef who adjusts the menu as race day nears.

Make sure to check out the video for a rare glimpse of how these specialists contribute to the competition.

00:59 Mechanics: fixing rally cars in a flash
05:24 Chef team: Cooking up a plan for the main race
09:30 Morizo’s favorite food
11:27 Weather forecasters: analyzing more than just weather