Close coverage! Behind the Scenes with Akio Toyoda at a 24 Hour Endurance Race


Cameras from Toyota Times follow Morizo as he joins the opening race of the Pirelli Super Endurance Series 2020. Includes behind the scenes exclusive footage!

On September 4 and running through September 6, the Pirelli Super Endurance Series 2020 24-hour endurance race kicked off at Fuji International Speedway.

The race marked the first time that the GR Yaris was taking on the challenge of a 24-hour race after having just launched as a commercial vehicle available for sale.

The new GR Yaris and, among a list of Japans top racecar drivers, Morizo joined the race under the team name Rookie Racing.

The primary goal of Rookie Racing, a team using a newly debuted vehicle, was to simply reach the finish line.

To learn about the GR Yaris racing debut and to follow how Morizo contributed to the Rookie Racing team, Toyota Times was there, covering what was happening behind-the-scenes at the race and how things went beyond expectations in the following two videos.

Part 1: The preliminary race
Part 2: The final race