Message of Gratitude from IPC to Toyota


With the end of the Paralympics, Toyota received a video from the International Paralympic Committee. The video contained words of gratitude for the support of para sports.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games came to an end on September 5, 2021. Para-athletes from around the world gathered in Japan to give a display of high-level competition.

With the end of the Paralympics, Toyota received a video from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The video contained a message of gratitude to Toyota for assisting the event as a Worldwide Paralympic Partner. How did Toyota’s support aid the athletes, and what did it help accomplish? To find out, please watch this video message from the para-athletes.

Husnah Kukundakwe, a para-swimmer from Uganda, conveyed this message on behalf of all para-athletes.

Established by a partnership between the IPC and Toyota, the “NPC Development Programme” has aided in the development and nurturing of para-athletes and para sports in many countries.

Through this program, five countries and 120 athletes managed to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games for the first time. Kukundakwe mentions how athletes with disabilities have learned to maintain an unyielding attitude in order to reach their goals.

In an interview conducted by Toyota Times reporter Kyonosuke Morita with Sir Philip Craven at the start of the Paralympics, the former IPC president has said the following.

Toyota and the International Paralympic Committee both have a very similar fighting spirit, always thinking how we can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive society. Toyota through mobility, IPC through sports.

Toyota supports the Paralympics with the very purpose of pursuing these shared values.

“But it’s not goodbye as Tokyo 2020 draws to a close. Our story doesn’t end here. We persevere because possibilities are endless.”

These were the powerful words that concluded the video message.