"The Future is Something We All Create"--President Sato's Message to the World


In an age of diverse values, the future is something we will all create together. President Koji Sato took the stage at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW to present Toyota's vision.

Coffee shop or food truck, bar or DJ booth

President Sato

Creating these electrified vehicles, and meeting the diversifying needs of customers around the world, requires multi-pathway approaches.

One of these approaches is hardware expandability to give people the cars that are just right for them.

Cars are essential to people's work and personal lives.

This is true for many of our customers.

Different people want to transport different things, and do different things with their cars.We intend to provide solutions for all these needs.We will deliver solutions with high-quality, affordable cars unique to Toyota.

The second story I'm going to tell you about is the future with this IMV 0.

Its shape is infinitely customizable depending on the customer's needs.

For example, it can transport lots of fruits and vegetables harvested in fields.Arriving in the city, it quickly transforms into a farm stand.

In a city square, it can turn into a coffee shop or a food truck.At night, it can become a bar or even a DJ booth.

The IMV 0 will soon launch in Asia, where lots of ideas for how to customize it are already circulating.

This is how unique and diverse cars will become an integral part of our world.Cars will be the platform, and customers will be the ones who expand their value.

There will be more new business possibilities and new partners in the value chain.

The IMV 0 aims to deliver a mobility future that we all create together.

Creating the value of mobility in society

Like this, mobility meeting diverse needs will become an integral part of our world and connect you to society.

In our car plants, we use configurable shipping containers called "kayoibako" to transport all kinds of parts that connect our worksites.

This mobility performs the same role in society.

Using the properties of battery EVs it can keep you connected to social infrastructure and service providers and bring more convenience and fun to your work and personal life, anytime and anywhere.

This is why we have named this mobility the Kayoibako.

These are the three future stories I wanted to share with you today.

They are mobility connecting people and society.This means that all of us will be able to do more and better enjoy the many facets of our lives.

Sometimes, you're a delivery driver with your Kayoibako.

Slide open the door, and you can load lots of cargo in its spacious interior.Using data integrated with infrastructure, you can deliver goods quickly and efficiently to the customers who ordered them.

On days off, it completely transforms.You love camping and the outdoors.You can get the camping backpack you ordered load the Kayoibako with a tent and barbeque supplies, and head out of town.

Not too big, and not too small.Its just the right size for lots of situations.

It can serve as community mobility, enabling easy access for wheelchair users, serve as a remote office, and be used as a mobile shop.

It will better connect you and your life to society.

Everyone will take part in creating mobility's value in society.That is the future the Kayoibako aims to deliver.

Go out and find your future

The three mobility stories I shared are the future created with electrification, intelligence, and diversification.

They have one thing in common.

It's how the value of this future mobility will expand as it meets our lifestyle needs.

This is why our mission at Toyota is to meet the needs of customers around the world and continue delivering diverse mobility options.

This is the multi-pathway approach to the future that Toyota envisions.Let me say once again, the future is something that we all create together.

We want to create a better future.If we all act with this aspiration and passion, the landscape is sure to change.

A future world full of smiles.

We want mobility to continue being at the center of this world.With this intention, and together with our many partners, we will take on greater and greater challenges.

Our motto is "Let's change the future of cars!"

The Mobility Show is an important starting point for this.

This journey to go out and find your future.

Over 10 days starting today, I hope you enjoy visiting the Toyota Booth as you find your future.

Thank you for your attention.