"The Future is Something We All Create"--President Sato's Message to the World


In an age of diverse values, the future is something we will all create together. President Koji Sato took the stage at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW to present Toyota's vision.

To make a place where the finest Japanese technology and trailblazing business leaders come together in order to connect and share the country’s future vision with the rest of the world.

That was the idea that transformed the Tokyo Motor Show into the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, which kicked off at Tokyo Big Sight on October 26 (general public days: October 28 - November 5).

A day earlier, President Koji Sato attended a press briefing at the Toyota booth, where he presented the company’s concept to the world.

The theme: Find Your Future.

The diverse values and needs of our time were reflected in the variety of mobility arrayed on stage. Standing among them, President Sato offered a glimpse of the future through three diverse types of mobility.

Here is his speech in full.

Find Your Future

President Sato

Good morning, everyone.My name is Koji Sato.Welcome to the Toyota Booth!

At this Toyota Booth we are communicating a mobility future full of diversity.There are as many diverse needs and values as there are people in the world.

The future is not decided by someone else.The future is something we all create.This is what we believe.

This is why we made "Find Your Future" the Toyota Booth concept.

I know you will find your future among Toyota's cars.

Today, I'm going to talk about three future car stories that are driven by mobility.

A look at the future through three types of mobility

The first story is our future life with battery EVs.

They are not only eco-friendly.Electric cars also offer their own flavor of driving fun and automotive seasoning.And they can deliver diverse experience value.This is our vision for battery EVs.

We are making battery EVs like only a true carmaker can.

This means revisiting the fundamental principles of car making, and delivering basic performance, like driving range, as well as value that only battery EVs can offer.

One example is making cars with both a low center of gravity and a spacious interior,which was not possible in the past.

To do this, we need to make the main components much smaller and lighter, and deploy our strengths as a carmaker to put them together in the best package possible.

Achieving this means that the design, the driving feel, and everything else can be transformed.In these cars, the scenery looks completely different.

The Lexus brand will first produce cars that tell this story.

At ten thirty, Simon Humphries, our Chief Branding Officer, will showcase these cars, so be sure to visit the Lexus booth.

Of course, Toyota and GR-brand cars, like with these two models here, will also change.

If we have the technology to make cars smaller, lower, and lighter, from sports cars and SUVs to pickup trucks and small vans, we can create a diverse lineup with outstanding qualities.

And on top of this hardware, is Arene, delivering new experience value.
Arene is our new software platform.

Making travel more convenient and fun

It can stay up to date with the latest software, and use vehicle data to speed up development that meets customer needs to provide more value that delights customers.

A wide range of apps will also increase cars' value.

For example, entertainment providers will create services and content.

Connected to new software partners, these cars will make getting around more convenient and fun.

You will be able to go shopping from an app in your car.On a drive, you can play with the automotive seasoning in Manual mode.

After parking, you can share electricity in Energy Grid mode to help the community.These are examples of the future that awaits.

Each and every customer will help create cars' value.The role of cars will be to connect to society and expand the possibilities.

What you want will create a car that's just for you.

That is the future with next-generation battery EVs and software-defined vehicles*.
*Cars designed to be upgraded via software updates, which continue to add functions and boost performance after purchase.