Hydrogen-Powered Engines Head to the Next Stage: Super Taikyu Series Final Round at Suzuka


With the Super Taikyu Series, we are taking on the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality. This report summarizes the evolution of the hydrogen engine and the deepening of partnerships and teamwork during the second season of racing.

There is a worldwide movement to explore diverse options

At the final race, Koji Sato, President of GAZOO Racing Company, revealed that he has received inquiries from both domestic finished vehicle manufacturers and suppliers saying, “I would like to hear more about the project,” and “We want to get involved.”


You can garner the extent of hydrogen engine development the other party is doing from the nature of their inquiry.

There are not many companies calling who are doing nothing and saying, “Tell me about it.” Most inquiries are from companies doing a certain amount of development and experiencing some problems.

My honest feeling is that quite a few companies are doing research, and I believe there is a latent need for the technology.

Last year, we proceeded in complete isolation when we first started development. However, over these last two years, I feel that things have changed significantly, and I also feel there is a definite movement worldwide to explore various options.

We are taking a completely open approach to working with hydrogen and would like to work proactively with those who can partner with us.

We are conducting field trials, so I think we are ahead of the rest of the world regarding what actually happens in the real world.

I believe the research on hydrogen internal combustion engines being conducted on the front lines of the Super Taikyu races is at the fore of such research.

Photo: Noriaki Mitsuhashi / N-RAK PHOTO AGENCY

2022 was a year in which hydrogen engine efforts went beyond the framework of the Super Taikyu Series and were shared with the world.

In August, Morizo and legendary driver Juha Kankkunen drove a demonstration run on public roads in Belgium using a hydrogen-powered GR Yaris.

In September, WEC drivers visited the Mobility Resort Motegi and drove time trials with ROOKIE Racing drivers using hydrogen-powered Corollas.

In the project’s second year 2022, a foothold was created for expanding partnerships worldwide to achieve a hydrogen society.

In part 2, we will summarize the season experienced by the GR86 running on carbon-neutral fuel.