Toyota Reveals Full Lineup of Battery EVs: Toyota's Briefing on BEV Strategies


Toyota President Akio Toyoda has presented the company's battery EV strategies. Revealing 16 new battery EVs, what did he have to say?

On December 14, Toyota held a press briefing on its battery EV (BEV) strategies and revealed 16 Toyota and Lexus BEV models that it is readying for market launch, including the all-new Toyota bZ4X due next year.

During his presentation, President Akio Toyoda announced that the company is going to roll out 30 BEV models and is anticipating sales of 3.5 million BEVs globally by 2030. The Lexus brand aims to have BEVs account for 100% of the total sales in Europe, North America, and China by 2030.

Akio passionately talked about why and how Toyota has long invested in BEVs and other options for carbon neutrality. Watch the video below to find out more. Discussions during the Q&A session of the briefing will be reported in a separate article at a later date.