Following Team Toyota Through a Hard-Fought Four Days!


Rally Japan is done and dusted. Over the contest's four days, Toyota Times followed the action behind the scenes to uncover the secrets of Team Toyota's strength.

The four-day Rally Japan (Aichi/Gifu) that began on November 16 has come to a close.

Toyota’s drivers dominated the podium. Takamoto Katsuta even managed to overcome an early accident, surging back to finish fifth.

Of course, this near-perfect result could not have been achieved by the drivers alone. Everyone from the engineers to the chefs and weather forecasters was at the top of their game.

Toyota Times News followed the team closely throughout the event, capturing scenes that give a sense of their prowess.

On day two, poor weather conditions added to the narrow, winding roads and fallen leaves that are a staple of Rally Japan. As the course became harder to attack, Katsuta damaged the front right section of his car. The team was allowed just 40 minutes for repairs.

In the tense atmosphere of the garage, Toyota mechanics used every last second of the allotted time, battling right down to the wire. This is a world where even fractions of a second can make all the difference.

Despite dropping down the rankings, Katsuta mounted a fierce pursuit, even setting the top time in Special Stage (SS) 10. At the Super Special Stage (SSS) on day three, he lined up alongside teammate Sébastien Ogier, who has claimed the drivers’ title a total of eight times.

Check out the full replay of the epic showdown that unfolded under the watchful eye of Chairman Akio Toyoda.

For World Toyota News, we visited the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team’s headquarters in Finland, where a new company cafeteria just opened in August. So, how was that commemorative first meal?

Watch to see the many professionals fighting on different fronts and working together toward the team’s shared goal.