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From Tateshina to the World--Prayers and Commitment to Zero Traffic Casualties


What can be done to reduce traffic accident casualties to zero? Auto industry leaders gathered at Mount Tateshina to share their ideas.

July 17 and 18 are special dates for Toyota.

On these two days, the company’s leaders gather at Shoko-ji Temple, which stands amid the natural beauty of Tateshina (Chino City, Nagano Prefecture). Every year since the temple was erected in 1970, they have come to commemorate those who have perished in traffic accidents and offer prayers for safety on the road.

Chairman Akio Toyoda, President Koji Sato, and others once again took part in the Summer Festival.

This year, the Tateshina Meeting was convened for a second time, following on from the first session in 2019.

The meeting provides an opportunity for senior managers from automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and insurers to transcend company boundaries and share ideas for achieving zero traffic accident casualties. Some 100 representatives from Japan and abroad came together to join in the discussion.

Shared commitment to safety transcends company lines

The meeting featured presentations by (from left) automotive journalist Goro Okazaki, Woven by Toyota Senior Vice President Hiroshi Mushigami, and Toyota Research Institute (TRI) CEO Gill Pratt.

These three speakers outlined existing measures aimed at preventing accidents, along with new safety technologies currently in development. Comments from participants emphasized the importance of raising driver awareness and developing infrastructure.

What is Toyota’s relationship with Shoko-ji Temple? We asked Shuin Matsukubo, the temple’s chief priest.

Chairman Toyoda led the meeting, encouraging many participants to share their views on the zero accidents goal. Afterward, he reflected on the significance of the event.

Whether behind the wheel or not, everyone possesses the same desire to eradicate traffic accidents. We hope that this edition of Toyota Times News will contribute in some way to reaching zero casualties.

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12:06 The dream that built Shoko-ji Temple
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