From G7 Hiroshima to the World--Japan's Unique Path to Carbon Neutrality


Japan's carbon-neutral vehicles were on display at the G7 Hiroshima Summit, where Toyota's top scientist emphasized the need for diversity in decarbonization.

Leaders from seven countries gathered at the G7 Hiroshima Summit to discuss issues such as climate change and energy. Throughout the summit, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) held various events showcasing the industry’s decarbonization efforts. Japan’s manufacturers were keen to share the country’s unique path to carbon neutrality with the rest of the world.

The events included a presentation by Toyota’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Gill Pratt, who previously addressed the Committee on Mobility and the Davos Forum to emphasize diverse pathways to decarbonization.

How do we achieve carbon neutrality with limited resources?

Dr. Pratt related the question to the food situation in postwar Japan. Toyota Times News takes a closer look at his underlying message.

The highlights: What surprised Yuta Tomikawa in Hiroshima

Tomikawa treated Dr. Pratt to Hiroshima’s signature dish. Could okonomiyaki hold clues for cutting CO2 emissions? Dr. Pratt outlined the common ground between culinary innovation and carbon neutrality.

Ships to help sustain a hydrogen society were also on display at the G7 Hiroshima Summit, capturing the interest of international media.

At the G7 venue, we also spotted another familiar face from the program’s features on hydrogen. Stay tuned to see where he pops up this time.

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01:21 Dr. Gill Pratt visits Hiroshima
04:24 Tomikawa serves up Hiroshima’s signature dish
07:38  JAMA events on the day of the summit
15:29 All eyes on hydrogen transport ships
18:18 Ukraine’s President Zelensky arrives at the G7 summit
19:01 Dr. Pratt’s presentation: postwar Japan and decarbonization
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