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6,000 Pay Tribute to Honorary Chairman's Path toward a Global Toyota


Events were held to farewell Honorary Chairman Shoichiro Toyoda, who passed away in February. At various locations, many came together to lay flowers and pay their respects.

Honorary Chairman Shoichiro Toyoda laid the foundations for Toyota’s growth into a global company. On April 24, farewell events were held in Tokyo and four other locations including Toyota City, attended by some 6,000 guests.

At the ceremony in Tokyo, Chairman of the Board of Directors Takeshi Uchiyamada delivered the condolence message, followed by an address from Chairman Akio on behalf of the family.

“Making products (monozukuri) and developing people”

In his message, Chairman of the Board of Directors Uchiyamada spoke of the guidance he received when developing the first-generation Prius.

During his own speech, Akio borrowed the words of his father, Honorary Chairman Shoichiro, and vowed that “Toyota will carry on making products (monozukuri) and developing people.”

The venue featured a display showcasing the Honorary Chairman’s legacy, including the cars that held a special significance in his life.

With original footage, Toyota Times looks back on Shoichiro’s early years, his appointment as the first post-merger president of Toyota Motor Corporation, and father-son talks with Akio.

00:50 Chairman of the Board of Directors Uchiyamada’s condolence message
02:48 Chairman Akio speaks on behalf of the family
04:32 The Honorary Chairman’s legacy
14:25 Displays showcasing a lifetime of artifacts and cars
17:47 Visiting places of special significance
25:53 Chairman of the Board of Directors Uchiyamada shares memories of the Honorary Chairman
28:27 The Honorary Chairman’s enduring message to employees
30:30 On Akio’s leadership change