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A New Team of One-of-a-Kind Car Lovers -Meet Toyota's New Management: Part 1


With Toyota's new management team off and running, we spend two episodes picking apart everything from their management strategies to favorite eateries.

“Together, let’s transform the future of cars.”

These were President Koji Sato’s words at the ceremony to welcome some 1,400 new Toyota employees, held at the company’s headquarters on April 3.

As we reported, President Sato came up with the idea of having Toyota executives display their cherished cars at the venue. “We wanted cars to play a starring role in the memories of this special day,” he told the new recruits. “We want you to feel that you too are now carmakers.”

Century, Lexus, Yaris... the wide range of models reflected the unique personalities of the new executive team members.

Over two weeks, Toyota Times is shining the spotlight on this new team. In part one, we peel back some rarely-seen layers, including their memorable car moments and favorite restaurants.

Camera in hand, Yuta Tomikawa visits the establishments where Toyota’s top executives like to take family and friends. In the studio, President Sato and Vice Presidents Hiroki Nakajima and Yoichi Miyazaki share how they spend these outings, their recommended dishes, and other personal preferences.

The place that Vice President Nakajima picked is actually a common sight in Japanese cities. He also explained the “holy trinity” he always orders.

Also making a studio appearance was a delicacy that President Sato calls “the Lexus of the mame daifuku world.” As he waxes lyrical about these sweet rice cakes, Nakajima chips in with some sharp comments. This three-way food report is a sight to behold.

The trio also share their favorite car memories, complete with anecdotes from their younger days. Miyazaki selected the Crown, perhaps hooked by the catchy tagline that swept the world back in the day.

The program also features videos introducing Toyota’s five operating officers: North America Region Chief Executive Officer Tetsuo Ogawa, China Region Chief Executive Officer Tatsuro Ueda, External & Public Affairs Group Chief Officer Jun Nagata, Vehicle Development Center (Design Field) Senior General Manager Simon Humphries, and Toyota Compact Car Company President Kazuaki Shingo.

Their individual personalities also shine through in the videos, so you’ll definitely want to watch to the end!

01:19 President Sato’s message to new employees
06:18 The days since the announcement
07:57 <Favorite Eateries 1> Vice President Miyazaki’s teppan menu
11:53 <Favorite Eateries 2> A relaxing space to savor President Sato’s top dish
15:17 <Favorite Eateries 3> Vice President Nakajima’s “holy trinity”
17:01 A love greater than cars? President Sato & mame daifuku
19:04 Toyota car memories
24:53 The remaining five in profile