3 Minutes’ Read On Toyota’s FY2021 Year-end Financial Results

TOYOTA NEWS 2021.05.12


Akio Toyoda on Japanese Political Leadership

At a press conference held before a motorsport race on September 18, Akio Toyoda in his driving suit shared his views on the political leadership of Japan.

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#6 Keishi Miyachi, a master of painting [Masters who support car making in Japan]

Toyota Times uncovers the essence and core strength of the traditional Japanese monozukuri (making things), which is woven from the past into the future. The sixth interviewee is a master of painting.

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Hydrogen-Powered Engine: “A Catalyst that Unleashed Our Dreams” - Interview with Automotive Analyst Shinya Yamamoto

Automotive analyst Shinya Yamamoto, who was visiting the venue to cover the race, graciously agreed to an impromptu interview with Toyota Times.

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