3 minutes' read on Toyota's hydrogen strategy ― Why did Toyota fully remodel the Mirai?


Toyota Times highlights key points of the second generation Mirai that debuted in December 2020, based on the presentation delivered at the launch by Masahiko Maeda, Toyota's Chief Technology Officer.

There was a press launch event for the all-new Mirai in December 2020 in Japan.Masahiko Maeda, Toyota's Chief Technology Officer talked about carbon neutrality.Becoming carbon neutral is about ensuring a net zero balance for the amount of CO2 emitted throughout a product's lifecycle from creation to disposal.There are two ways to become carbon neutral:1) Reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible when making, using and disposing of products2) Capture and reuse the CO2 generated.The three noteworthy attributes of hydrogen1. Using hydrogen does not produce any CO2.2. Hydrogen can be obtained from a wide range of resources.3. It's easy to Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field was established in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in March 2020, as one of the world's largest hydrogen production facilities.Toyota President Akio Toyoda commented at its FY2020 2Q financial results briefing: Toyota's strategy aiming for people's happiness is to provide a full line-up of electrification vehicles from hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), and to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).Toyota's electrified vehiclesToyota's vision is that eco-cars can only make an impact on the environment when they are widely used.Diversifying energy sources is necessary in achieving carbon neutrality. Hydrogen is one of its largest sources.Infrastructure and cars can be like the relationship between flowers and bees. They can only coexist mutually.There are The first-generation Mirai's FC system was costly and difficult to be applied to other mobility.The second-generation Mirai was developed with an aim of being used across various types of mobility important to society.Toyota is already collaborating with companies across a wide range of fields.In order to realize a hydrogen society, it is essential to reduce the cost of hydrogen across all stages of production, transportation, and use. To achieve this, cooperation and collaboration among the government and various industries is needed.On December 7, 2020, the Japan Hydrogen Association was established to realize a hydrogen society ahead of the rest of the world.The second-generation Mirai is the