The Inspiring Video Presented to Toyota by International Paralympic Committee


At a meeting with Akio Toyoda on August 25, International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons presented a video to express gratitude for Toyota's support of--and shared passion for--the Paralympics.

Two weeks after the end of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, it is now the time for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

When competition in the Paralympic Games started on August 25, Toyota President Akio Toyoda was on his way to a meeting with Andrew Parsons, president of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Toyota Motor Corporation has served as a Worldwide Paralympic Partner since 2017.

The company has also supported the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of countries and regions around the world.

Taking the opportunity of President Parsons’ visit to Japan for the games, Akio extended an offer to meet. President Parsons enthusiastically accepted, saying that there was something that he wanted to share with Akio.

Once they got together, Akio kicked off their conversation.

Your speech at the opening ceremony last night was inspiring.

President Parsons:
Thank you. And from our side, congratulations on the win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for Toyota’s support of the Paralympic Games.

Upon saying so, President Parsons presented to Akio a 4-minute, 14-second video, which Toyota Times shares with its readers through this article.

In addition to expressing the IPC’s gratitude to Toyota, the simple and clear video lets one see the significance of holding the Paralympic Games.

The Toyota Times team has considered various editorial plans to give its readers more insight into the Paralympic Games and for cheering on Paralympic athletes. But this eye-opening video accomplishes much more in illuminating how deep the significance of the games truly goes.

Watch it once, and you will surely want to take in the Paralympic Games and cheer on Paralympic athletes.

With the competition having started, to share this feeling with many others, Toyota Times has decided to post this video on its website.

Please have look, and let’s get to know more about the Paralympics together.

And, for a little trivia, in case you don’t catch on to it while watching the video, the narrator you hear is President Parsons himself, whose passion, as well as that of the IPC, comes across genuinely and sincerely.