Morizo's Musings | Summer Training Camp


Morizo spends his time off in the summer at a special driving camp. This year? It was on a dirt course, using one Toyota vehicle and two other companies vehicles. Musing on the "taste" of vehicles, as well as of watermelon, Morizo enjoys his time away from the office.

Welcome back from Morizo.

How did you spend your summer vacation?

I went to summer camp.

This year, we had training on a dirt course.

Recently, I have been driving on the circuit a lot, so it has been a little while since I drove on a gravel road. I drove the 86, Impreza, and a certain European manufacturer's 4WD – maybe some of you didn’t expect me to drive one of those! All of these vehicles had a different character and feel when riding in them.

Well, this was the first time I drove a car from a European manufacturer in such a manner.

At first, I as Morizo, eyes the car over, while the car seemed to be observing me back. After driving and getting to know each other for a while, I feel that we may have become more than just acquaintances.

In the end, I may have driven this car more than the 86!

As a master driver, I think it’s important to “taste” vehicles from other companies.

This dirt course is also a favorite place of mine. The owner always welcomes me with a smile. Maybe he was wondering why Toyota's president driving cars other than Toyota’s today.

The atmosphere inside the garage is also great. It's like a clubroom. Inside the room are long tables and pipe chairs. Of course, there is no AC. Nevertheless, there are tools to repair cars, and even valuable old cars such as the Toyota Sports 800 and Triumph Spitfire. Since it is right next to the course, you can see other people training.

In this clubroom, we ate Japanese somen and yakisoba that we made, drove again, ate watermelon, and drove again.

Of course, cars are fun!

Watermelon is also delicious!

That was how my summer camp was.