Toyota Publishes Integrated Report


Connecting individual news points picked up by Toyota Times, the latest report tells the story of Toyota's corporate activities today.

Toyota Motor Corporation keeps stakeholders up to date by sharing information in a variety of ways.

This includes Toyota Times, created as a media channel that offers all those connected to Toyota a look at the company’s inner workings.

If the role of Toyota Times is to provide timely snapshots of what happens at Toyota, the Integrated Report sums up the throughlines that can be observed over the span of a whole year.

Generally, such reports may be seen as slightly difficult to digest, something that shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders read to learn about management policies and strategies.

However, Toyota’s report is a unique document driven by narratives, from the thoughts of company leaders to specific value-creation initiatives.

This year’s Integrated Report can also be seen as a distillation of “what makes us Toyota.” Reading through it provides insights into how Toyota is run today, as it charts a unique path toward becoming a mobility company.

Below, we glance over the highlights of each chapter. The full report can be read here.

From Toyota’s Leaders

Chairman Akio Toyoda presents a vision to be realized by President Koji Sato’s executive team.

Toyota’s current leadership structure is dynamic and fast-moving, with the chairman and executive team working as one.

The report’s opening section conveys the leaders’ dedication to building the mobility society of the future through trust and empathy.

The Source of Our Value Creation

This section outlines Chairman Toyoda’s vow to “restore what makes us Toyota” and his many years of struggle that laid the foundation of Toyota.

From the Toyoda Principles and the Toyota Philosophy to the Toyota Production System and making ever-better cars, it explains the concepts that drive the company’s future-focused efforts.

Value Creation Story

Building on these inherited foundations, the executive team is pursuing various initiatives aimed at achieving a mobility society and carbon neutrality.

The report lays out Toyota’s story from April’s policy briefing to the Japan Mobility Show in November, detailing the specific strategies and initiatives for making them a reality.

This section provides an understanding of where Toyota is currently headed, including the Toyota Mobility Concept, carbon neutrality efforts (multi-pathway strategy), battery EV and hydrogen strategies, and Woven City.

Business Foundations for Value Creation, Corporate Data

This report uses various indicators to track Toyota’s strategy and the various initiatives that underpin sustainable growth, primarily for shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.