What's Wrong with This Picture? It's Time We All Took Notice


What little-known habit causes trouble for around 90% of wheelchair users? Toyota Times shares some surprise findings.

Still more to know about manners

These days, many wheelchair users are sharing their experiences online. Among them is Mako Shibuya, who recently appeared on Toyota Times News. Her videos about living with a disability are highly informative.

Meanwhile, the NPO Accessible Lab aims to create a society where everyone can enjoy going out. Representative Director Kunpei Otsuka stresses that, when it comes to the issue of parking areas, “we should be thinking not in terms of convenience, but whether something is possible or impossible.”

Himself a wheelchair user, Otsuka is also a car-lover who enjoys long drives of 500 km or more in both his work and downtime. He too has teamed up with Toyota to produce a new video.

It’s called “#MadaMadaManners” (Still More Manners), featuring a song with a unique animated video that people of all ages can enjoy and learn from. The hope is that it will go at least some way to solving the mobility-related difficulties of wheelchair users.

During the video’s production process, many wheelchair users had one particular request for change—the wheelchair design. The initial shape resembled the chairs found in hospitals, but users were keen to see something more stylish.

For them, wheelchairs are like vital extensions of their bodies. That’s why, instead of being merely functional, they should add fun to outings in the same way as selecting an outfit or a pair of shoes. Just like cars, wheelchairs should inspire an emotional attachment.

Parking incorrectly or placing traffic cones in wheelchair spaces is surely not done out of malice, but simply because people are not aware what their actions mean to others.

That is why we want to spread the word about these little-known issues, so that getting around is more fun for everyone. As you can see in the video, we hope more people can appreciate living in a society with greater awareness of diverse experiences.

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