McDonald's + Takara Tomy + Toyota! Making children smile with a golden tag team


A team-up between Toyota, McDonald's, and Takara Tomy! The three companies have the same wish: to make children smile.

“I got one! I got one!” Chairman Akio Toyoda grins as he holds up a golden GR Corolla Tomica. This video, posted on Instagram by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, has generated a lot of buzz.

McDonald’s Japan is currently offering Tomica toy cars in its Happy Meals, with the golden GR Corolla among the cars in the lineup. At the start of the video, Chairman Toyoda orders a Happy Meal and rejoices at getting one of the GR Corollas.

McDonald’s is celebrating its 10th year featuring Tomica toy cars in one of its most famous menu items, the Happy Meal kids set. This time, McDonald’s and Takara Tomy have teamed up with Toyota GAZOO Racing in a special collaboration.

At an event held at a McDonald’s location in Tokyo, an actual gold GR Corolla and a gold GR 86 were displayed. In the campaign's TV commercial, these two cars are driven by WRC champion Kalle Rovanperä and drift driver Ken Gushi, who show off their flashy drifting skills.

The video depicts a child playing with toy cars, with the actions reflected by the real vehicles and 1,000 synchronized drones. Rovanperä says, “Matching the timing (with the flying drones) along with the filming was the difficult thing.”

Happy Meals currently come with toys from the second round in the series, which includes a Crown police car. The GR Corolla was part of the first round, which has now ended, but from May 10, toy cars from both the first and second rounds will be available.*

*Please note that the McDonald's official website says that if they run out of toys, they may substitute toys from past collections.