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Japan's largest participant-focused race launches new organization: Super Taikyu Mirai Organization


"I want to make a bright, fun future for the motorsports industry." Morizo talked about his decision to take the top position of the new organization that operates the Super Taikyu Series.

Morizo, a.k.a. Akio Toyoda, is the new head of a race promoter?!

Timed with the opening day of Japan’s largest participant-focused race, the Super Taikyu Series, a press conference was held on April 20 to announce a new structure for the series.

The organization that operates the race, the Super Taikyu Organization (STO), will continue its motorsports business as a general incorporated association called Super Taikyu Mirai Organization (STMO).

Morizo is the chairperson of the new organization; former executive director of STO Harumi Kuwayama is the vice chairperson; and former Denso vice president Toshiyuki Kato is the new managing director.

“I want developments at the race site leading to developments in the auto industry.”

This was the motivation of Harumi’s husband, Mitsuru Kuwayama, when he established the Super Taikyu in 1991. Since his passing in 2013, Harumi has taken charge of the race in order to carry on his legacy.

Harumi speaks about her strong motivation for appointing Morizo as chairperson, saying the Super Taikyu is a “very pure and simple race.”

Morizo says, “We’ll liven up Japan’s auto industry together. I want to create a bright, fun future for the motorsports industry.” How will the Super Taikyu change under Chairperson Morizo’s leadership? Check out the video for the answer.

The second half of the video features an interview with Chief Engineer Naohiko Saito about the ORC ROOKIE GR Yaris DAT concept car, which entered its first race.

The Direct Automatic Transmission (DAT) currently under development aims to be an automatic transmission that can be used on the circuit, with extremely fast gear shifting that enables amateurs to drive like pros.

Putting cars through their paces, breaking, and fixing them. This year’s Super Taikyu begins as a place where motorsports leads to ever-better carmaking. Don’t miss this episode, gearing up for the Fuji 24-hour race.