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Retired Yokozuna Wish They Could Ride This Special Car | A One-Hundred-Year Connection


The new Century Convertible brings an added charm to the sumo tournament victory parade. What went into production of this specially commissioned one-of-a-kind car?

Yokozuna Terunofuji won his ninth tournament and first since last May in the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament. His victory parade saw the debut of the new Century Convertible.

Only the wrestler who wins the highest division tournament can ride this special one-of-a-kind edition car. It wasn’t a matter of simply taking off the roof; this specially commissioned project started with a complete redesign.

The Japan Sumo Association public relations manager, Shibatayama Oyakata (former Yokozuna Onokuni), indicated his jealousy of active wrestlers saying, “It makes me want to put on my loincloth again.”

It all began with a conversation between Chairman Akio and Miyagino Oyakata (former Yokozuna Hakuho). What did they talk about?

Another convertible was created this year, a new Crown Convertible. This, too, is an only one special vehicle.

With innovation and boldness in the DNA of the Crown, it was made completely in-house with collaboration across organizational boundaries, demonstrating Toyota’s true potential.

What was the aim in taking on the enormous challenge of developing a convertible? Get a close-up look at the appeal that stirs up the instincts of engineers.

Finally, Chairman Akio sees off the new Century Convertible saying, “It feels like marrying off a daughter.” What are the feelings behind those words? And what is the special connection that gives him a sense of destiny? See the video to find out!