"Let's do what we can right now." The decarbonization possibilities of hydrogen


Thailand is taking on the challenge of locally produced hydrogen on the path toward decarbonization. How far has the initiative progressed? This report covers the expanding possibilities of hydrogen with like-minded partners.

In December 2023, three carbon-neutral cars competed in a 10-hour endurance race held in Thailand:

a GR86 using synthetic fuel, a hybrid Prius, and a Corolla equipped with a hydrogen-powered engine that used hydrogen produced in Thailand.

The video A 10,000 km Hydrogen Journey, released on April 24, showed Thai biogas being used to make hydrogen in Hokkaido. But this time, everything from manufacture to consumption was all carried out in Thailand.

Expanding the circle of like-minded partners and continuing to face the challenge helped achieve local production of hydrogen at unbelievable speed. This report covers that journey.

Chairman Akio’s watchwords, “Let’s do what we can right now,” became their motto.