Akio to Chair Super Taikyu's New Organizing Body


The racing series will be run by the newly launched Super Taikyu Mirai Organization, chaired by none other than Morizo, aka Akio Toyoda. What is the new body's vision for Super Taikyu's future?

Taking Japanese racing to the world

——Could you please share any concrete ideas on how you will approach the expansion into Asia?

CEO Kuwayama dreams of spreading grassroots racing to Asia, while Morizo has experienced the region’s passion for motorsports firsthand.

More than anyone, the pair want to see a future for motorsports. Each shared their thoughts.

Incoming STMO Chairperson Morizo/Akio Toyoda

I think there is tremendous enthusiasm for motorsports in Asia. The beauty of Super Taikyu is its “village festival” ethos, and that culture exists across Asia as well.

Motorsports originated in Europe, and my generation was always drawn to that culture. Now, I sense that something similar is starting to happen in Asia.

First, I want to show that Fuji is the place to be in Asia and that It leads to Europe.

Those who take part in motorsports want to be faster than everyone else, to stand atop the podium.

In part, I feel that my role is to create a place that can help them fulfill these ambitions and provide a pathway to the rest of the world.

STO CEO & Incoming STMO Vice Chairperson Harumi Kuwayama

If I may say so myself, in recent times, Super Taikyu has seen consistency on the courses, and we have been running very safe, clean races. I think this is one of the great strengths of Super Taikyu.

In all honesty, collisions do sometimes happen, and attention needs to be focused on maintaining the cars.

I want to showcase this new era of racing, as it were, and give people across Asia an appreciation for our approach to race organizing.

For people in Asia or around the world, it may be slightly different from the racing they are used to. But I think the Super Taikyu brand can be proud of running good, safe, and fair races with such a large number of entrants.

We hope to convey this message and continue to provide fun races that draw in more and more people.

Photo session with companies and individuals who contribute funds and endorse the new STMO’s activities.

photographs by Noriaki Mitsuhashi / N-RAK PHOTO AGENCY

Born in Ise City, Mie Prefecture in 1976, Noriaki Mitsuhashi is the exclusive photographer for ROOKIE Racing. He travels to circuits around the world to capture motorsports, including F1, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours Nürburgring, Super Formula, Super GT, and the Super Taikyu Series.