A Hydrogen-Fueled HiAce Hits the Road in Australia


The hydrogen-powered engines that Toyota has honed through motorsports are at last moving towards commercialization. We look at how far they have come.

On November 11, Fuji International Speedway in Oyama, Shizuoka hosted the final round of the 2023 Super Taikyu season.

Speaking to reporters at the event, Executive Vice President Hiroki Nakajima announced that Toyota had begun trialing a hydrogen-powered HiAce on public roads in Australia.

In addition to paved city streets, the hydrogen HiAce is being tested in the off-road situations that make up a large part of Australian driving. Data gathered in the process will contribute to the future commercialization of hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Toyota has raced its hydrogen-powered Corolla in Super Taikyu since 2021, driven by a carbon-neutral vision that creates a future for internal combustion engines and ensures car lovers are not left behind.

This technology, honed through motorsports with Morizo behind the wheel, is finally hitting public roads en route to commercialization. Toyota Times News tracks how hydrogen engine development has evolved through purposeful passion and action.

Later in the program, World Toyota News features the recent Classic Car Festival held at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute, Aichi.

“It made me feel that car lovers will be around forever,” says museum director Naoaki Nunogaki of the lively atmosphere. Our on-the-ground report also showcases some devoted owners and their classic rides.